Our Story


Machau Group consists of 3 companies

  • Machau Farms LLP
  • Machau Industries LLP
  • Machau Bamboo Products Pvt ltd.

Derived from the motivating word “Machayenge”, which, in the Hindi jargon, enunciates- “We do things in the best possible way”

Machau is founded with the belief that growth can be achieved in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.Manufacturing Sector in India can be a great power to make India a Self-sufficient (AATMA-NIRBHAR) country.

Machau wants to contribute to the growth of Make in India drive, by producing and enabling environment-friendly products.

At its initial stage, Machau has started with the Bamboo Sector in India. Machau intends to be the enabler in successfully growing and nourishing the Bamboo Sector in India by providing the right form of raw material at the right price to the right industry in any part of India.

Machau Industries is a Standardized Raw material supplier for all bamboo based industries in India headquartered in Assam, India.

Machau Farms is a supplier of saplings to farmers who wish to do bamboo plantations. It also provides technical guidance and consultancy in the process of cultivation.

Machau Bamboo products in mainly focused on guiding, training and advising new entrants in the bamboo sector to help them be successful with minimum struggle.

In coming times, Machau Industries intends to target Bamboo Products like:

  •  Plywood/ Construction Beams.
  •  Biofuel- Ethanol from Bamboo
  •  Replacement for disposable plastic plates and cutlery using agro-waste materials.

These products are selected with an intention to help India reduce its imports while simultaneously reducing global warming, deforestation, and carbon footprint.

We believe that in its dire straits, the world can be saved by the usage of bamboo while allowing mankind to cherish many of the comforts of modern life without damaging our environment irreversibly.

In major developing countries like India, bamboo cultivation and the manufacturing of bamboo products opens up a sea of opportunities to boost employment and bring about much needed social and economic stability.

When we talk of economic and social progress, it is in the consciousness of the fact that it must be financially viable, environmentally sustainable & finally for the welfare of the people! We are committed to being a meaningful contributor to the real progress of agriculture in India!