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with Bamboo

With bamboo as a potential industrial raw material, we are reviving the farm to industry to consumer supply chain by creating India's first ecosystem for bamboo products that is technology enabled.

Our Mission & Vision

Machau Group is founded with the belief that growth can be achieved in a sustainable & eco-friendly way. We want to replace plastic products using agro-waste products that will reduce global warming, deforestation & carbon footprint.

Now more than ever, industries need to transform towards agile and sustainable manufacturing. We drive innovation and deliver sustainable growth from our recourses.

In developing countries like India manufacturing bamboo products opens up a sea of opportunities to boost employment & bring about much needed social & economic stability. It is for the welfare of the people

Machau linking the potential of Bamboo with development

Simple to utilize high-end innovations, grassroots preparation, teaming up with makers and drawing in top interest from India and Abroad.With more to add..


We procure bamboo from smallholder farmers, empowering and educating them which at the same time help us devise interventions.

Machau Collection Units

We gather bamboo and related items in our collection centers

SMEs & Corporates

We offer right bamboo items to significant SMEs and enormous organizations through our coordinated operations capacities.

Our Products

How can Machau help?

Preparing farmers in Bamboo essential handling

Helping farmers with some different approaches to adding value, in areas where production and processing are linked.

Sorting & Supplying bamboo to the right segment to fulfill their demands

Through right assets and preparing we sort different parts of bamboo & distribute it to the right market

We check quality bamboo products & it’s steady fill-in.

Qualifying solid interest by building entrust with driving industry players and sharing basic innovation support.

We aim to create meaningful impact

Bring an organized bamboo cultivation structure within the country and facilitate more income for the rural population as well as contribute enormously to the nation’s economy.

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Bamboo products processed
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GHG emissions saved
Farmers supported via increased income

How we set ourselves apart

We work on strategies that are unique & improve work efficiency.

Our focus on 'green' issues inevitably leads to sustainable social, environmental and economic development.

We are on-board in Make in India, the flagship program of the Government of India

Our efficient yet modern system enables fast movement of goods and ideas.

Story behind the idea

Derived from the motivating word “Machayenge”, which, in the Hindi jargon, enunciates- “We do things in the best possible way”.
Bamboo has a lot of Industry and Purchaser items applications however because of an absence of spotlight on Assembling and Production network in the Upper east, it has not had the option to scale to its maximum capacity. To take care of this issue, Machau Bamboo Items has set up its base in Guwahati, Assam. We have taken care of problems tormenting the bamboo business and its partners right from the Bamboo ranchers to little craftsmans and organizations to enormous Bamboo based industry players like FMCG players, Producers, Composts and Synthetic substances.
Machau believes that in its dire straits, the world can be saved by the usage of bamboo while allowing mankind to cherish many of the comforts of modern life without damaging our environment irreversibly.

Mr. Siddharth Munot

Founder at Bamboostan

Mrs. Divya Munot

Co founder at Bamboostan

Our Partners

Our partners happiness is our success.

Our Newsfeed

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